I compete in powerlifting at national team level, and I’ve got a straight flush in my trophy room from World, European, Nordic and Finnish Junior Championships. I’m now competing in an open age group, so the competition is tougher than ever. My plan is to succeed even in adult groups and I’m working hard to achieve my goal.

Exercising is part of my everyday life. In addition to powerlifting, I’m also interested in baseball, hunting and dogs. Exercising and a healthy lifestyle mean a lot to me, and I’m particular about my workouts and diet. Goals and reaching them motivate me. The harder the workout, the better the feeling.

I update my Instagram regularly about my own athlete’s everyday life because I want to motivate others into adopting an active and healthy lifestyle.

 I work out in Tampere at Koivistonkylä’s EasyFit, which is a versatile and cozy gym. EasyFit is suitable for all kinds of exercisers and has a good community spirit. I like the price-quality ratio and the friendly and helpful staff. In addition to a gym, EasyFit also has a good selection of group exercise classes.